Welcome to the homepage of â–²aloVista ltd (aloVista AG): A consulting company in Switzerland with the purpose of helping our customers to define and execute their financial strategies by result focused actions.


Our competencies are derived from the experience as CFO of a global, public company and other senior management and consulting positions:

  • CFO and Audit Committee tasks
  • Reporting (integrated, strategy focused, external, internal)
  • Change management (process reengineering, culture change, teambuilding, goal oriented)
  • Managing subsidiaries (with practical experience in Europe, USA and Asia) and corporate structuring
  • Crisis management
  • Defense situations against activist shareholders and take over
  • Professional board memberships


Our consulting is action oriented. Expect results, not just concepts.


The name of our company is derived from "alo" (Latin: support, develop) and "vista" (Spanish: view, perspective).